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Making your pasta tasteful with Duoreqa's Carbonara Sauce.


100% Natural product from the best source.

Fast & Easy

Preparation time within 10 minutes.

High Quality

Produce from best quality mushroom .

Made with Love

Cooking with loves, Provides food for the soul.

Duoreqa® Special Spaghetti Carbonara

Testimonial Review

Take the steps to move from ambition to action. After 4 month joining, I wonder why I not being dropship agent sooner. The product's quality is the best you can found. The combination of sauce and the pasta is a must. Hence, this product is a need now!
Tiana Yap
Once I bought the sauces from the dropship agents. I really love the product. I'm very hope that I can find the product easier next time.
Zahid Rashid
Apart from the best quality of the product, it is HALAL certified. So, it should be no problem for anyone to try out.
Shahirah Raziq
Dropship Agent
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